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Student Comments
Parent Comments

“I have moved up at least 3 grades and couldn't have done it without your help.”

— Sophie, GCSE student


“I only had a few lessons but saw big progress ... it has been very effective with me.”

— Yousseff, GCSE student


“Good tutor ... different ways of looking at questions and very straight forward teaching.”

— Sohail, GCSE student


“The complicated part of a subject was brought down to the simplest form to make me understand it better.”

— AJ, A level student


“I learn more than one way how to work something out, I am more confident than before ...  I have learned a lot and have improved in Maths.”

— Amy, GCSE student

“Extremely happy! Sophie developed a love of the subject with your help.”

— Mrs Davenport


“My daughter is now doing her GCSE exam and is finding Maths fairly easy since she started working with Simon.”

— Mrs Joelle


“Simon has definitely improved my son's Maths skills; he is no longer among the weakest in his class and his problem solving skills have strengthened.”

— Tony


“My daughter said 'with Simon Maths is so easy' - I couldn't be happier.”

— Mrs Solange


“I am very happy with my son's progress. He did his GCSE this year with A* in Maths. I cannot thank you enough for helping him”

— Mrs Bimbakila





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