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The T for Tutors team


T for Tutors is made up of experienced and professional tutors, with proven success rates. Get to know a bit more about them here.

Simon Passo Djoufack

I was born in Cameroon and moved to France to study Maths and Engineering at University. I then came to England to further my studies, and it was here that I completed a BSc Engineering and also PGCE in Secondary Maths Education at Sheffield Hallam University.

I worked as a secondary school Maths teacher but then decided to start my own tutoring business. 

I am married and have 3 young children - my wife was also a Maths teacher and childminder, and she now works with me to provide tuition.

I currently offer tuition in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and French from primary through to GCSE and A level.

Laura Passo

I have always enjoyed working with children, whether that be through teaching or childcare. I worked as a secondary school Maths teacher for almost 5 years before becoming a childminder. Whilst caring for children I was able to use my teaching skills to help primary school children with their learning, especially in Maths. I now work as a Nursery Assistant with young children, and am a member of the T for Tutors team, doing what I enjoy - working with children and being part of their learning and development.

I currently offer tuition in Maths at primary and GCSE level.

Joseph Mbogba

I have been involved in Maths tuition for almost 20 years as a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc) in Applied Mathematics. This exciting journey of teaching this complex subject started in Cameroon where I dealt with all levels of students, aged 11 to 17, in a classroom, group and one-to-one environment based on the French Curriculum. Travelling to the Greek side of Cyprus in 2000 gave me the opportunity to embrace the local and English style Curriculum. My recent move to the UK is an opportunity to pursue my love for Maths teaching by offering assistance to my fellow colleague Simon in his fast-growing project.


Every school year begins with assessing and identifying students’ level of Maths skill; targets can then be set and achieved through activities arranged in group or individual sessions. I have been successful in helping a diverse range of learners by offering extracurricular support and personalised learning to improve their grades. I encourage learning by using a number of different manipulative and hands-on activities. Quizzes and regular tests are also used in tracking students’ progress and preparing them for final exams such as GCSE.

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