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What is T for Tutors?

T for Tutors is a family run tutoring service based in Sheffield, offering tuition for children and adults of all ages, from primary up to A level. The classes take place at either the student's or tutor's home, or online using Zoom, with lessons lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

Why choose T for Tutors?
  • a wide range of learning and revision techniques used

  • can work individually or with a small group of students

  • advice given on how to prepare for exams

  • feedback received regarding homework   

  • parents kept well informed about the progress of their child

T for Tutors - About us

T for Tutors was started by me, Simon Passo Djoufack. I work at a secondary school in Sheffield, and it was whilst teaching that I quickly learnt that every child can achieve to their highest potential - all they need is the time to really get to grips with the subject, to know exactly how to answer exam questions and to improve their confidence in whatever subject they are doing. I soon realised that the demand for private tuition was high, so I decided to start my own private tuition business, T for Tutors. Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure in tutoring many children and adults from primary up to A level, and all of these learners have made significant improvements and have achieved to their highest potential, with the vast majority achieving Grade A or A*. The demand just keeps on increasing, so I now offer weekly tuition sessions from my home as well as online lessons via Zoom.

Meet Simon, professional Maths tutor in Sheffield at Victoria Methodist Church

     I have moved up at least 3 grades and couldn't have done it without your help.



— Sophie, GCSE student





     I learn more than one way to work something out, I am more confident than before ... I have learned a lot and have improved in Maths.

— Amy, GCSE student

     Extremely happy! Sophie developed a love of the subject with your help.



— Mrs Davenport

     I only had a few lessons but saw big progress ... it has been very effective with me.



— Yousseff, GCSE student

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